by Alex Hetherington

I love the nostalgia of looking back at old projects. It’s a potluck gamble where the contributers are different versions of you from the past and the prizes range from “Oh god what the hell was I thinking” to “Huh, that ain’t half bad.”

You will find some of my programming here. There will also be writing - development logs and fiction. You can already find some of my fiction on my reddit account.

I’m building this website from scratch using Hugo, learning as I go.

You can email me at: I’d love to hear feedback for any of my projects, or work offers, or just general chit-chat.

I also set up a twitter account, because I feel obliged to have some form of social media for this site. I won’t be using it proactively, but if you tweet me I will get a notification and will respond.

Enjoy. :)